Pac Team Expo, a division of pac Team Group, is dedicated to the design, construction and implementation of exhibition booths, shop-in-shops, hotel, museum and restaurant architecture. Our in-house global teams provide project management, design development, conceptual sketches and renderings, technical drawings, mass production, event management, logistics expertise and warehousing to service the unique needs of luxury brands.


A perfect blend of Italian craftsmanship and Swiss quality control, the state-of-the-art 12,500 square meter manufacturing facility in Turin, Italy acts as the central hub for Pac Team Expo production. With cutting-edge equipment and a highly experienced team of architects, engineers and builders, this facility is equipped to produce remarkable work using the highest quality commercial materials.

North America

The master craftsmen at our domestic production facilities utilize innovative technology and materials to produce retail environments, furniture, shop-in-shops, and booths in all shapes, sizes and quantities.

A Pioneer of Innovation

Whether a stunning three-story exhibition booth, a unique shop-in-shop or an oceanfront dining destination, Pac Team Expo can transform any idea into an unforgettable experience.

Exhibition Booths

Pac Team Expo is an official exhibition architect for Baselworld. This partnership harnesses our team’s innovation and global vision while preserving our Swiss values that are so deeply rooted in design excellence and superb craftsmanship.

Shop-in-Shops and Boutiques

Pac Team Expo’s shop-in-shop and boutique creations capture the essence of a client’s brand while captivating and immersing customers in a desired vision.

Museum, Hotel, Restaurant and Interior Architecture

Pac Team Expo creates experiences that seamlessly integrate a brand into an existing environment while maintaining the aesthetic integrity unique to each space.